IoTea - Akıllı Çay Demleme OtomatıIoTea - Akıllı Çay Demleme Otomatı

In Café's and restaurants, economical brewed tea pleasure with Swartea IoT technology.

SwarTea is a technological and economical solution for out of home tea brewing with all time fresh taste.

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IoTea - Akıllı Çay Demleme OtomatıIoTea - Akıllı Çay Demleme Otomatı

Enjoy your fresh brewed tea, up to 6 hours with patented lifting system. With removable and washable hygienic brewing unit, brewed tea pleasure lasts forever.

All time fresh and tasty

World's First and Only IoT based Smart Tea Vending Machine

Delicious and FRESH brewed Tea up to 6 hours

With Patented Elevator and Software systems, Enjoy your traditional style Brewed and FRESH Tea, up to 6 hours..

DO NOT put your Occupational health and Safety accreditions in RISK

Save your customers’, employees’, hosts’ health, with IoTea

With Bundled High-Tech, IoTea is %40 COST EFFECTIVE

Could you calculated the REAL cost of Tea before? Do you know howmany glass of tea drank or spolied? Let`s calculate:)

Publish your High-Res ADVERTISEMENTS on the screen

With Digital Signage Technology, publish and manage your Ads with IoTea just on-click

Use LEASING option for your FINANCE Management

You can use the leasing option for IoTea and other products.

Manage your IoTea product with User-Friendly MANAGEMENT & REPORTING system

if you want, you can easily manage and take reports for your IoTea products with our Management Systems, moreover than we can INTEGRATE our system with your CRM or ERP systems.

Tailor Made Design for your CORPORATE IDENTITY

Lets produce your own design IoTea… Increase your REPUTATION with our technology……..

Enjoy Tasteful and FRESH Tea with Pyrex Glass

With PATENTED Removable Glass, enjoy organic taste of Tea, which you never experienced before

ORDER your fresh tea by using you MOBILE PHONES or DESK PHONES.

You can order your tea by IoTea Ordering System, with IoTea Mobile Apps or IP Phones.

You are LUCKY. You will drink tea from HYGIENIC REMOVABLE brewing unit.

As of today, you did not see any removable brewing unit inside Tea Machines. With our PATENTED removable brewing unit, you will continue to drink tea like you are at home

DONATION is one click far away for your SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY

If you want, you can donate ANY Civil Social organizations with one click.

Experience IoTea's delicious Tea with your Corporate ID BADGE, MEAL or CREDIT CARDS, QR Code, IBEACON or you choose:)

Your employees will have the opportunity of drinking tasteful tea, with company id badges, meal cards, credit cards, QR Code, IBeacon Technology or any other technologues you can dream.

Download SwarTea IoTea application for your Mobile and Tablets