Tea Pleasure with Internet of Things

World’s First and Only IOTea Vending Machine Shows a Tangible Example Of IoT Technologies Can Improve Drinking Quality Tea Experience.

The innovative tech comes with built-in sensors, touchscreen and cloudly-configured systems, which can be managed everwhere. According to tea type after 10 to 30 minutes, the patented elevator basket moves up, gently removing the leaves from the brewed tea and keeps the brew at optimum taste level and temperature. By the help of this innovation, you can keep brewed tea at the very fresh taste for up to 6 to 8 hours. “IoTea” can also brew any type of tea such as Black, Green, White, Linden and others for your needs. It also eliminates the guesswork in brewing so that you can enjoy a perfect glass of tea, any time.


With Mobile Applications, you can access every “IoTea” machine in your locations online. You can receive real-time reports for your “IoTea” machine on your smartphone or management interface, or even place orders for wearing parts as a preventive measure, to minimize interruptions. On a dashboard, staff can see which beverages are sold, which payment methods customers use, whether the machines are properly maintained, and whether they are working reliably in real time. The system can also be used to adjust all the beverage prices on the self-service machines centrally.

World’s first and only IoT based smart tea vending machine was manufactured after three years of R&D, which is supported by strategic partners such as “Intel”, “Microsoft”, “Cisco” that targets all consumers who enjoy a hot and tasteful glass of of tea, now is on the market with innovative Intel  and IoT technologies built in.


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All time Fresh !

Enjoy your Fresh Brewed Tea, up to 6 hours with patented systems.

Tasty Forever

With Removable and Hygienic Brewing unit, you can continue to have brewed tea pleasure 

Dont Spoil !

Are you aware of the fact that you are spoiling almost %40 of tea you brewed with actual traditional technologies. Until today, could you calculate the cost of 1 cup of tea? are you sure? With IoTea, you can count the total cup of tea and you can choose your amount of tea which you want to be drank in your company. When you compare, you can esaily calculate the cost of 1 cup of tea.



Dont loose our Occupational health and Safety Accreditions

Non-Comparable to traditional tea machines, we focused SAFETY and HEALTH addition to patented Hygienic and Hi-Tech improvements. Do not loose your reputation just because of unhealthy, unsafe traditional tea machines

We know that, more than us you are thinking of your Customers, Employees and Hosts. Lets save them together.

Let people follow your Videos and Campaigns

Let your targeted audience watch your videos and pictures from embedded digital signage systems. You can also use your IoTea for your promotions and campaigns with one-click.

Let us produce IoTea per your Corporate Identity

We can produce your Tailor-Made IoTea per your corporate Identity, to add more value to your reputation.

User-Friendly Management and Reporting System

You can easily get connected with your IoTea(s) from everywhere in the worlds for Online and Historical Data.

Online Dashboard

SwarTea Management Dashboard allows you online reports as well as detailed historical reports.

Easy to Order from Anywhere

Whenever you wanted Fresh Brewed Tea, you dont have to go to near IoTea. From your Mobile Applications, and Desk Phones, you can order your tea,

We recognize you

IoTea recognizes your from your Corporate Company Badges. If you want it saves your profile so that each tiime you will not have to select the amount of tea or type of cup. We think of YOU.

Various Payment systems included

IoTea has various embedded payment systems such as; Credit Cards, Meal cards, IBeacon Technology, QR Code payment systems, Donation Systems, Coin Acceptor etc. for more information, just email us.

Use the benefits of Financially Leasing Option

You can use Leasing Option of IoTea, financially. This is cost-effective and flexible solution for financially. Do not try to take the ownership of any material, which most international companies are not doing.



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