Who is SwarTea`M ?

What is IoTea?

Tea lovers around the world have struggled with high levels of dissatisfaction for many years, particularly who enjoy a tasteful cup of tea and have good experience in distingushing a good glass from a poorly brewed one. Drinking tea is a habit for the world for around 4000 years – thanks to Chinese Emperor Shen Nung – according to a legend, who has brewed the first cup of tea in 2737 B.C.


World’s First and Only IOTea Vending Machine Shows a Tangible Example Of IoT Technologies Can Improve Drinking Quality Tea Experience

World’s first and only IoT based smart tea vending machine was manufactured after three years of R&D, which is supported by strategic partners such as “Intel”, “Microsoft”, “Cisco” that targets all consumers who enjoy a hot and tasteful glass of of tea, now is on the market with innovative Intel  and IoT technologies built in.


IoTea” vending machine by manufacturer company “SwarTea”, delivers revolutionary tea experience to tea lovers.

  • The innovative tech comes with built in sensors, touchscreen and on top of these, a custom software connected to the company’s cloud hosted servers.
  • By the help of cloudly-configured systems after 10 to 30 minutes according to tea type, the patented elevator basket moves up, gently removing the leaves from the brewed tea and keeps the brew at optimum taste level and temperature.
  • By the help of this innovation, you can keep brewed tea at the very fresh taste for up to 6 to 8 hours, a record time compared to conventional brewed tea.
  • You can always use the software from the on screen tablet or from an app in your smartphone, to manually adjust this procedure, however.
  • The machine monitors exact water temperatures and controls brew duration to allow unique flavors and aromas to develop during brewing.
  • “IoTea” can brew any type of tea such as Black, Green, White, Linden and others for your needs. It also eliminates the guesswork in brewing so that you can enjoy a perfect glass of tea, any time.
  • All the brewing process including heating water to the correct temperature, moving down and up the tea basket automatically in the water, and, when sensors and software tell that it is time, lifting the basket up to prevent overbrewing is automatically logged and consolidated on the cloud hosted company servers. This allows corporate customers detailed analysis and reporting capabilities.
  • You can access every “IoTea” machine in your locations online, find out which drink sell best in which region, and how often your employees clean the machines. And because the system tells you in good time when maintenance is due, you can always prevent downtime.
  • You can receive real-time reports for your “IoTea” machine on your smartphone, or even place orders for wearing parts as a preventive measure, to minimize interruptions. On a dashboard, staff can see which beverages are sold, which payment methods customers use, whether the machines are properly maintained, and whether they are working reliably in real time. The system can also be used to adjust all the beverage prices on the self-service machines centrally.

Not only our “IoTea” vending machine offers convenience and efficiency, but it also takes you a step further by going online. Beverage sales statistics and information on machine cleaning will become your competitive advantage, as they enable you to optimize your beverage range and minimize disruptions, and thus generate higher revenues.

“IoTea” Tech Specs:

  • Built in sensors for various data collection
  • Customer-special hardware and Linux-based software
  • Web services for the integration of other data (e.g. reporting systems, ERP systems, etc.)
  • Central administration of sales machine systems (chip terminals, coin machines, NFC identification, etc.)
  • Clear dashboard displaying all the recorded data